Meet the Characters in Townsend: The EverVigilant Series


Townsend’s life changes forever when she discovers she has been given an exceptional gift. But with this gift, comes adversary determined to derail her destiny. With the help of a mysterious native American tribe, Townsend learns who she really is and finds the courage to fight even the most impossible odds.


This mysterious Native American woman comes into Townsend’s life just as her powers emerge. Elsu is the tribal medicine woman for the Cherokee nation and helps Townsend learn how to harness healing not only for herself, but for others like her.


Born in the protector lineage of the Cherokee nation, Gawonii is one of the most respected men in all of the tribe. His chance meeting with Townsend leads to a destiny far greater than they both could have ever imagined.


Determined to derail Townsend’s destiny, Carlyle is one of the most dangerous creatures to have ever lived. His obsession with Townsend’s gift drives her to find courage even when facing the bleakest of darkness.


As Carlyle’s right wing accomplice, Agressa aids him in trying to defeat Townsend and her newfound friends in the Cherokee tribe. Her looks are not only fiery, but her attitude of destruction and mayhem are as well.

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